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What is Pipe Flange?

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Pipe Flanges can be defined as a method which helps in connecting pipes, valves, and various other equipment that helps to form the piping system. The flanges are very functional and they offer easy access when it comes to inspecting, cleaning or modifying the pipe. The flanged joints are usually made by bolting two flanges with a gasket between them. This helps in increasing the strength of the pipe seal.

Flanges manufacturer in India offer different types of flanges, each of which comes with a varied appearance and they are used for different purposes. The common types of Pipe Flanges based on the design are blind, lap joint, slip-on, socket weld, reducing, threaded orifice, and weld neck.

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Manufacturing Capabilities oF Vishal Steel India

Pipe Fittings Item Production Range Capacity In (Ton)
Types Of Mold Types Of Fabrication Monthly Yearly
Buttweld Elbow ~ 96″ ~ 140″ 7,417 102,000
Buttweld Tee ~ 96″ ~ 140″ 3,175 38,300
Buttweld Reducer ~ 96″ ~ 140″ 1,500 18,200
Buttweld End Cap ~100″(Type Of Seamless) 102″ ~ (Type Of Welded) 629 7,285
Buttweld Stub End ~ 12″ ~ 80″ 65 714
Forged Fittings ~ 4″ 110 1,257
Outlet Fittings ~ 36″ 42 534
Hot Expanded SMLS Pipe 18″ ~ 36″ 253 3,200

Vishal Steel India supplied all products with Mill Test Certificate EN10204 3.1

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Vishal Steel supplied
Vishal Steel supplied
Vishal Steel supplied

Vishal Steel supplied
Vishal Steel supplied
Vishal Steel supplied

Vishal Steel supplied
Vishal Steel supplied
Vishal Steel supplied

What is a buttweld pipe fitting?

We produce 1/2" to 48" BW Fittings according to American, European and German standards

A buttweld pipe fitting can be described as a weldable pipe fitting that helps to change the flow direction of the run pipe. It can also help in branching off the flow and reduce the size of the pipe or be used for attaching an auxiliary equipment. Renowned Pipe Fittings manufacturer in India produces different types of butt weld fittings like reducers, tees, elbows, caps, and olets. These are the most common types of welded pipe fittings and they can be specified by nominal pipe size and pipe schedule. They are available in different schedules ranging from sch. 10 to sc. 160, and these fittings are most commonly available in different grades of stainless steel.

european standards

Some common benefits of buttweld fittings are:

1. Once the pipes are buttwelded, they can offer a more stable connection.

2. Due to the continuous metal structure of these pipes, they possess added strength.

3 .The buttwelded fittings when used with pipes of matching schedules, offer a seamless flow inside the pipe.

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of these welded pipe fittings available in the market, like:

1. Elbow- These basically help to change the direction of flow in the pipe.

2. Tee- They help in connecting other pipe equipment to the piping system.

3. Reducer- It helps in reducing the size of the pipe from a larger to a smaller bore.

Our esteemed clients

Vishal Steel India has proudly served to Petrochemical, Oil and Gas sectors for many decades, our technical team understands the unique requirements to produce the Pipe Flanges and Fittings in exact design, check the few references below where we have successfully supplied piping materials with zero percent rejection rate.


South Africa

ENOC Processing Company LLC


QatarEnergy Refinery




Saudi Aramco Jubail Refinery (SASREF)

Saudi Arabia


Abu Dhabi


Jebel Ali, UAE

Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Co. Limited




Petroleum Development Oman (PDO)


Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC)


Pacific Oil & Gas


Occidental Petroleum (Malaysia) Ltd


Sharjah National Oil Corporation


GE Oil and Gas


Are butt weld fittings seamless?
India's leading exporter of Steel Forgings, Buttweld Pipe Fittings and Pipe Flanges

The Buttweld Pipe Fittings are available in both, welded and seamless variants. However, due to the configuration of the seamless variants, and the fact that they do not have weak points for leakages throughout the pipe. The buttweld seamless pipe fittings are available within the size of 12”. On the other hand, the welded fittings are primarily made up of different types of steel and they are available in sizes ranging between ½” to 72”. They are much more affordable than the seamless pipes but they have weak points, which are vulnerable to leakages

butt weld fittings seamless

Supplier of Buttweld Fittings and Seam Welded Pipe Fitting in Asia and Middle East

Steel Forging Company in India

Steel Forging Company in India manufactures seamless pipe fittings that are capable of withstanding high pressure and hence they are used for various high-temperature services. These are mainly found in refineries, oil and gas infrastructure, hydraulic cylinders, and so on. They are also used in the transportation of fluids, natural gas, etc. They are perfect for high-temperature applications in highly corrosive environments, and thus they are used for similar services.

What is the difference between welded and seamless fittings?

The seamless and welded pipe fittings have many differences between them and their properties make them suitable for a wide range of applications:

  • The seamless pipe is shorter in length compared to the welded ones, which can be produced in a continuous longer length.
  • The seamless pipes are more resistant to corrosion when exposed to such environments whereas the welding areas of the welded pipes are more vulnerable to the corrosion attacks.
  • Because of the raw materials, equipment used and production process, the cost of the seamless EIL approved Pipe Fittings are considerably higher when compared to the welded ones.
  • The seamless pipes are made using steel billet and any kind of surface defects present on the billet cannot be removed during the hot rolling process, it is only polished only after the completion of the manufacturing process- this means the surface defects for seamless pipes can only be partially removed. On the other hand, the welded pipes are made up of hot rolled coil and hence the surface quality of the pipe is the same as that of the coil. Their surface consistency is much higher compared to the seamless pipes.
  • For high pressure applications, seamless pipes are preferred over the Seam Welded Pipe Fitting, as the former comes with a higher strength. That is why, the seamless pipes are found in high-pressure equipment and boiler industries.

Manufacturer of Pipe Flanges in Plate, Forged and Casting method, view our online Flange Price List

Difference between Plate, Forged, and Cast Flange

There are different types of Pipe Flanges in Plate, Forged and Casting method and they are used for a wide range of applications.

  • The plate flange is a flat and circular disk which are basically welded to the ends of the pipe. They help in establishing piping connections easily by allowing the EIL approved flanges, in this case the plates, to be bolted together to the other pipe. They are mostly used in liquid transportation pipelines.
  • The Saudi Aramco approved flanges are available in the forged and cast variants. The forged flanges are stronger and more reliable because the steel grain flow can get altered which confirms the shape. They basically have a tight grain structure which makes the forged flanges mechanically stronger. These are also more wear and tear resistant compared to the cast flanges. Also, the quality, reliability, and durability of the forged flanges are much better than the cast flanges.